Blessed Spring

Blessed Spring

by Joan Williamson

The ground is cold and nothing grows.

I await the blessed spring. Soon earth

awakes and changes show in every

living thing. 

The ground is cracking from beneath,

soon leaves stretch forth and shine.

The unforgiving winter yields its place

and springtime is divine.

Flowers romp, sweet winds cavort

and robins pace the grass looking 

for their breakfast there where 

rainbows sing and dance.

The sweetest breath of summer 

comes and soon warms the coldest 

heart. Cornfields toss their leaves 

in time and winds thrill with songs 

of larks.

Every facet of nature glows. Each 

aspect plays its part. The earth is 

humming its own tune and holds 

God’s gentle heart.

Soon autumn comes, the hoary 

frost breaks the back of things. 

Snowflakes fall, snow mountains

grow and winter now is king.

Each season stays in its own 

place and knows when to come 

and go. I await the spring again 

this year as I watch the seasons 


Joan Williamson 


© 2013