Thanksgiving Address by Colleen Corrigan

I give thanks to the water that flows down the rivers, the blood that
courses through my veins
I give thanks to the wind that cleanses the air, the breath that
purifies the space
I give thanks to the land that supports all life, the bones that
support all beings
I give thanks to the sun that warms and nurtures, the soul that heals
I give thanks to the space that is everlasting, the emptiness that is
always full
i give thanks to the beauty that prevails, the mystery that never ceases
I give thanks to the support, love and forgiveness that I have been
shown, the acceptance with the self
May we plane our feel firmly in the earth, so that the worms know our
toes, the grass cools our skin
May we raise our heads up high and experience the reason for our existence...
To give thanks and enjoy the beauty
Thank you