November is Journal Writing Month

Every November my son participates in  national novel writing month, it is a challenge and many people participate on-line. So this month, I'm challenging you, and myself to journaling every day - or as many days as you can. As in any practice, it is important to be gentle with yourself.

What do you write in a journal? Well it's up to you, you can talk about the weather, you can write out letters to people who are no longer with us, but who we wish we could talk to, you can write out your prayers.

“Write to yourself about your life path. What do you know about where you are coming from and where you are going?” - Life’s Companion by Christina Baldwin 

“We learn to live consciously through becoming aware of inner and outer events as they are happening. Building a conscious self means becoming increasingly aware of inner evens, bodily events and interpersonal needs. A conscious self is able to experience in full awareness all the distinctly different components of the self, including feelings, needs, drivers and values. A conscious self lives consciously."- Gershen Kaufman/Lev Raphael, The Dynamics of Power