Spiritual Practice for March - Watching the Wind

I don't know about you, but I love to watch the wind. When some trees are dancing and others are just standing there all still and serene, it is a mystery. A famous verse says, "the wind blows where it will, you know not where it's coming from or where it's going to." John 3:8 The wind has secrets to tell us.

"In the Semitic languages such as Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic, there is a delightful word which means breath, breeze, spirit or Holy Spirit... showing how our ancient predecessors saw and understood the intimate connections of these different aspects of breath.

"In his book Hebraic Tongue Restored, Fabre D'Olivet says that the ancient Semitic root of the Hebrew ruach, and Arabic ruh is: Every idea of expansion and aerial dilation: wind, breath, soul, spirit: that which moves, stirs, animates, inspires or transports" John Wilde

So let us be attentive to the wind this month as our practice. Watch Facebook for postings on the wind.