Why "weaving home"

I was at a retreat and many of the retreatants were talking about their lives  having so many threads and how they had a desire to have those threads, knit or woven together into some shape or form that would give them clarity and meaning.   The thread symbolize the parts of our lives that are new, seem disjointed, yet are offering us glimpse of a life of wholeness.

    That is what being church is for some of us today. There is the thread of the past, a strong cord that keeps us going, wanting to hold on to our history, our heritage, the way we’ve always done it. There is the thread of our missions that bring light and hope to the world. There may be  new threads, threads that pull us to mediate, to dance, to behold, to not hold back, to uncover  those things that have been hidden.  The threads that invites us to reach outside our comfort zones and let the spirit weave our lives so that we can see the sacredness in every thread. 

    Weaving Home is a web based program for becoming aware of those sacred threads, of empowering us on the journey of the spirit and then paradoxically bringing us home again to realize that we’ve always had all the threads woven into what we needed all along.